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Great Dane dog training cannot be compared with any other dog training  and  don't  compare  your  Great  Dane  with  any other dog.

Great Danes are physically the largest breed of all dogs.   They are  huge, lovable and readily huggable pets, yet still the size of a small Shetland pony.

It’s their size that sometimes makes them  difficult to manage and train.  They can act like any other small dogs and if they could, crawl into your lap.  

They have several pleasant characteristics that makes them a very lovable choice for a pet.   They can be loyal and obedient provided that you give them the appropriate dog training and lots of love.

The Great Dane is full of courage and spirit. This breed has a strong social need to be around people.  At times you would think they think they are people.   Further more it is important to teach him how to behave around children and adults.

Danes can be both a wonderful champion and a guard dog  . Their normal behavior ranges from being  quiet, calm and laid back but can quickly turn into a dangerous raging bull whenever he feels a need to protect you or your children. Thus, it is ultimately your responsibility to teach him the dog training methods that suit him and his size.

At a sweet young  age,  you should start to use all the necessary dog training methods on your Great Dane puppy.  Take a look at the following dog training points and remember the very importance of puppy training.

The first point to remember is that separation anxiety can often affect any puppy.   You want to learn the tips in dealing with or avoiding separation anxiety.  Then you can leave for work every day knowing that you are doing the right thing.

The best dog training obedience results, are realized when your puppy feels that he or she is truly loved and cared for by its owner.  This is accomplished by giving him/her a safe place to sleep and play. Begin by introducing him/her to their own play area, toilet, etc.

Your puppy should differentiate the areas of their new home so that their behavior can be properly tailored. 

At a very early age socialize  your puppy  to  loud and quiet babies, male and female dogs, and other animals too.   These other family members  will  become  your  puppies  new  pack members.

You should introduce him to both the quiet and loud activities common  to  your  household  like  running  the  vacuum  cleaner.
By doing this he/she will not turn aggressive or stress out  when there is a sudden change in their environment.

As your puppy grows older and becomes more curious  and active, give him/her simple commands.   Remember keep it very, very simple. Repeat them over and over and over again until your puppy becomes familiar with and understands your command.

Be very consistent in instilling dog training obedience in him/her. Always remember to reward your dog when he/she has done something good and reprimand them only when needed and only at the exact moment the bad behavior occurred.  

It is vital that you let your Great Dane companion feel that he/she is accepted and safe with you.   They will love you more if you show them love and show that you appreciate them.

If you remember one thing,  dog training in and of it’s self, when done the right way, shapes a dogs attitude towards other people and towards you as their pack leader.

 Just remember one thing . . .

The  bottom  line  is  that  you deserve a  wonderful  happy  dog  that  obeys  you.   This  is   a   very  achievable  goal.
  The countless rewards that dog training provides are well worth all your efforts
       To lean more about your options to having a well behaved dog you can be proud of   Click Here . . .

Dog barking control through dog training is your  humane choice

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